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Data science is increasingly relevant in more and more areas of everyday life - but the general education at school so far has hardly responded to these specific changes in digitalization. Completely new challenges for the teaching of mathematics and computer science have emerged, as well as for the subjects of the social and cultural sciences field and for cross-curricular media education. All these subjects have to be reinterpreted in regard to the raising attention to data science, to big data and in regard to a fundamentally changing world of labor and economy. As a reaction, schools have to realize a broad general education that is to be newly defined on the one hand. On the other hand, school education has to stimulate and promote interest in the current, exciting and dynamic new scientific area of data science with its numerous applications. This book presents the extended abstracts of the presentations at a symposium held in November 2017, discussing economic, social and cultural impacts of big data and data science with experts in curriculum development and educational research in statistics and computer science as well as experts from different facets of data science and its applications. Moreover, analyses from a socio-cultural perspective were included. The main goal was to inspire ideas for teaching data science in secondary schools.