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Innovation process and innovation output is positively affected by adequate reference models and supporting means. For this reason, a New V-Model for Engineering Mechatronic and Smart Systems is being worked out by the Technical Committee VDI GMA 4.10 "Interdisciplinary Product Creation". Thus, the directive VDI 2206"Development methodology for mechatronic systems" from the year 2004 (VDI 2206 2004) is being revised and adapted to the actual trend towards digital transformation of technical systems, business models and ecosystems. The core of the guideline is the V-Model describing mechatronic engineering (VDI 2206 2004). One core success criterium of organizing Requirements Elicitation is the established main feature list first published by Pahl and Beitz (Pahl et al. 1996). Based on this, a new Main Feature List enhanced for the usage in requirements elicitation of mechatronic and smart products is proposed. This Enhanced Main Feature List comprises additional requirements such as sampling rate, bus system, big data usage and fosters result quality and efficiency of requirements elicitation. This was proven and validated by applying it to Inline spectral measurement systems in the printing industry. The proposed Enhanced Main Feature List establishes new fundamentals in research and theory.