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The purpose of this paper is to present a multimodal study conducted on spontaneous humorouscommunication, in order to determine whether the pragmatic and discourse use and function ofgestures and prosody differ from non-humorous communication. A sample of 14 interviewsfrom The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was collected. Only interviewees speech wasanalysed to ensure it was not scripted. Utterances were identified as humorous using laughterin the audience as the main criterion. The videos were annotated in ELAN for humour type,gestures (face and head movements), and prosody. The prosodic analysis was done in Praat tolook into contrast between humorous and non-humorous utterances in terms of F0 andintensity. No multimodal cues specific to humour were found. The use and function of gesturesin humorous utterances bear out previous studies on non-humorous communication.