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An integrative platform to capture the orchestration of gesture and speech / Christelle Dodane, Dominique Boutet, Ivana Didirkova, Fabrice Hirsch, Slim Ouni and Aliyah Morgenstern
AuthorDodane, Christelle ; Boutet, Dominique ; Didirkova, Ivana ; Hirsch, Fabrice ; Ouni, Slim ; Morgenstern, Aliyah
Published in
Proceedings of the 6th Gesture and Speech in Interaction Conference, page 27-33
PublishedPaderborn : Universitätsbibliothek, 2019
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Document TypesScientific Article (Published Electronically)
An integrative platform to capture the orchestration of gesture and speech [3.64 mb]
Abstract (English)

A number of studies have highlighted the coordination of gesture and intonation (Bolinger,1983; Darwin, 1872; Cruttenden, 1997; Balog & Brentari, 2008; Roustan & Dohen, 2010) butthe technological set-ups have been insufficient to couple the acoustic and gestural data withsufficient detail. In this paper, we present the MODALISA platform which enables languagespecialists to integrate gesture, intonation, speech production and content. The methods of dataacquisition, annotation and analysis are detailed. The preliminary results of our pilot studyillustrate strong correlations between gestures and intonation when they are simultaneouslyperformed by the speaker. The correlations are particularly strong for proximal segments. Ouraim is to expand those results and analyse typical and atypical populations across the lifespan.

CC-BY-License (4.0)Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License