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The present paper contributes to the discussion about coordination between gesture and speechfrom the semantic and morpho-syntactical perspective. What information is conveyed in cospeechgesture and how that information relates to the content of the co-occurring segment ofspeech? Does temporal synchronicity imply semantic synchronicity?We tackled these questions in the context of description of motion events, in terms ofcombinations of a specific path (e.g. upward, downward, crossing) and a specific manner (e.g.walking, running, flying). We asked whether gesture depicts the same element(s) of motionthat speech does and to ensure variability of verbal content we adopted the comparative methodinvolving French and Czech speakers, two languages offering different patterns for expressionof motion path and manner.This paper/talk presents our most recent results that extend our previous studies in this field.After having observed gesture-speech semantic synchrony at the level of ‘gesture-propositionand ‘gesture-word, it was time to zoom into individual words and explore the ‘gesturemorphemelevel.