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This paper presents a follow-up study of previous work conducted on pointing gestures andtheir alignment with speech in weather reports (Ferré & Brisson, 2015, Ferré, 2019). Yet,whereas the previous studies concentrated on the expression of viewpoint and how gesturesfunction in association with other semiotic resources, the present study focuses in more detailon the timing relationships between the different modes in speech and the apparent absence ofsynchronicity in some gesture/speech constructions in French weather reports. What isproposed here is a theoretical analysis rather than a quantitative one in which it will be shownthat in order to account for this apparent misalignment of modalities (a) the inclusion of othersemiotic modes in the annotation scheme may be useful for the description of specific corporalike weather reports, and (b) temporal graphs that include gesture targets can offer a goodrepresentation of the temporal relationships between gesture and other domains involved incommunication acts.